AVR Series 230V 750VA 450W Ultra-Compact Line-Interactive UPS with USB port, C13 Outlets

OmniVS 230V 1000VA 500W Line-Interactive UPS, Tower, USB port, C13 Outlets

SmartPro 230V 1.5kVA 900W Line-Interactive UPS, Tower, LCD, USB, 8 Outlets

SmartPro 230V 3kVA 2.25kW Line-Interactive UPS, Tower, Extended Run, Network Card Options, USB, DB9 Serial

SmartOnline Double-Conversion UPS - 2U, USB, DB9, 230V, 3kVA, 2.5kW, On-Line

SmartOnline 200-240V 10kVA 9kW UPS Spare / Redundant Power Module, 3U Rack/Tower

External 240V 3U Rack/Tower Battery Pack Enclosure + DC Cabling for select UPS Systems (BP240V10RT3U

Power Management Tools - External SNMP Webcard Module

2U to 9U Tower Stand Kit for select Rack-Mount UPS Systems

UPS Accessory - Hardwire PDU Module