Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

We love what we do

We are a dedicated team of professionals who love what we do and serve our clients with humility and respect. We do everything to the best of our abilities.

Our working process

We have a fluid team dynamic and encourage each other’s development. We recognize and reward their outstanding performance and results.


About Baseline Africa

Baseline Africa sells and provides high-quality solar energy solutions and all general electrical services in Uganda. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial customers with warranty and installation. Our focus is particularly on solutions that are used to reduce overall energy costs in an effort to support both the market’s developing and developed economies. Indeed, solar energy is a clean, affordable, and dependable alternative to traditional energy sources.

We believe that quality is the best investment you can make. Everyone in Uganda should have access to high quality solar systems. However, their access is currently limited. We are determined to solve this problem. We ensure that our products only come from reputable suppliers. Our customers have a system that will last for years if we provide them with the recommended energy systems to meet their energy needs.